Hey White Women, The Attack Against Leslie Jones Means You Need To Collect Your Men

by Eve Vawter

Image Via LateNightWithSethMyers/YouTube

Image Via LateNightWithSethMyers/YouTube

Leslie Jones, the gorgeous, hilarious, talented actress has been subjected to the worst sort of racist and misogynistic hate crimes imaginable. From receiving death and rape threats on Twitter to having her website hacked and her personal information and photos posted for the world to gawk at, it's fitting that the investigation is now in the hands of the FBI

You white women reading this, it's time for you to collect your people and make sure that it's not YOUR people participating in these crimes. And not just against Leslie, but against other WOC and women in general. 

BUT EVE, you will say, my sons/husbands/boyfriends/partners/uncles/brothers/friends would never do anything this awful! My people are good people! 


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I hate to be the one to tell you this, but these racist monsters know some women. Whether that woman is a relative or a neighbor or a mama or someone who goes to bed with them every night. And you need to double-check that it isn't YOUR people pulling this shit. Check your kid's computer. Check your partner's. Make sure they aren't visiting the chans or ROK or any other number of websites where this type of activity is applauded and encouraged. Talk to them about this shit and drop lines like, "If I ever met a man who did something like this I would turn him into the police." Tell your sons about hate crimes and about how wrong it is and how that sort of racist hate garbage won't be tolerated by you. Ask them if their friends think this kind of thing is funny. And if you have had this conversation with them? Have it again. And again. Because the FBI and law enforcement can do their part, but we owe it to the world and to all the Leslie Joneses out there not to surround ourselves with men who think this shit is OK to begin with. 

Sure, maybe the men doing this are all loner basement-dweller types who don't know any women at all, but at some point some woman gave birth to them. And wouldn't you sleep better knowing that one of these white men wasn't one of your people?