Taye Diggs Follows Me on Twitter #blessed

by Eve Vawter



I don't remember the exact year that Taye Diggs, star of How Stella Got Her Groove Back and Ally McBeal and The Best Man, started following me on Twitter, but I know I was pretty damn excited about it. I mean, look at him. 

He's a very attractive man, he's talented, and he's a celebrity. He also follows 578 people I also know. If my mom used Twitter Taye Diggs would also follow her. All the time on the Facebook someone will casually post that Taye Diggs started following them on Twitter, and then everyone else will comment: He also follows meTaye Diggs followed me ages ago. Yeah he follows me too. You can't humblebrag about Mr. Diggs following you. He follows everyone. 

My pal Luvvie sums it up thusly: 


I mean, I guess I can understand why he follows me on Twitter, I am pretty interesting...


It probably isn't actually Taye Diggs who is following any of us, but his super-friendly and nice assistant. But just in case it is actually Taye Diggs, if he came over to my house here are things we could talk about: 

  • The dream I had last night. 
  • How I hate doing laundry. 
  • If I have left my contacts in too long. 
  • What day Ray Donovan starts again. 
  • What I should make for dinner. 
  • If the cat's fur looks real shiny today. 
  • What came in the mail. 
  • Why I'm the only person who remembers to buy paper towels. 
  • If we want some cheese. 
  • What the best drugstore foundation makeup is. 
  • Who keeps messing up the throw pillows. 
  • Game Of Thrones. 

I think Taye and I would actually be friends in real life and not just on the Twitter. 

So basically, if he's not following you yet, you are basically even more boring then I am. Or you are my mom who doesn't have the Twitter.