All the Awesome Things I Need at the Slumber Party, '80s Edition

by Eve Vawter

Images via roseoftimothywoods/Flickr, anyjazz65/Flickr, white_fundude/Flickr; Modified by Maximum Middle Age

Images via roseoftimothywoods/Flickranyjazz65/Flickrwhite_fundude/Flickr; Modified by Maximum Middle Age

Hey guys! Let's go back to 1981 and have a slumber party with me when I was 12 years old and had a face full of braces and headgear and hadn't yet kissed a boy and had barely gotten my period and thought that I would one day grow up and marry Michael Jackson! You can come to the slumber party too and I am gonna bring all these things with me! It will be the most awesome sleepover EVER.

Images via Polyvore

Images via Polyvore

1. My Lisa Frank sleeping bag

I will pee in this when my friends stick my fingers into a bowl of lukewarm water. 

2. My Ouija Board

I got this for my birthday — it's so so scary but my friends and I will contact the spirit of one of our dead grandmas before we go in the bathroom to play Bloody Mary in the mirror. 

3. My Lip Smackers

Bubble gum flavor is the best and sometimes I like just eating it off my lips after I apply it. 

4. My hair scrunchie

This is my favorite one. Sorry no you cannot borrow it. 

5. A mix tape I made

"Magic" from Xanadu is on here and also "Funkytown" but I had to tape "Funkytown" from the radio so it cuts out. 

6. A Cootie Catcher

This way we can tell what we will be when we grow up and what boys like us and also how many pets we will have. 

7. Magazines

Haha — I tricked you. Sassy won't even come out until eight years later so we will have to read Tiger Beat and Scott Baio is on the cover. 

8. A Slam Book

We can write things about the boys we like and what we wanna be when we grow up and which teacher we hate. 

So? Will you come to the slumber party? Check yes or no.